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Jul. 29th, 2016




Is there anyone still here?

Jan. 11th, 2013



Looking for an inflatable tiger

Hi, I'm a long time fur and inflatable lover, but I haven't taken the chance to hop into many communities and interact, so excuse me if I come around as a new face.

I remember having a large tiger ride-on as a kid. Sadly, it's long gone. A long time ago, I saw that Intex turned that tiger float into a swim ring, and then into a bop bag. I saw one of those bop bags around and couldn't help myself but to stop and get one. However, I do not want to bop this guy, but ride on him. Does anyone know if, and where I can get it?

Inflatable Tiger Bop Bag

Jan. 18th, 2012


Introducing myself

If anyone ever comes on here anymore and cares:

Name: Kitutal
Species: Cat
Location: England

Toy preference: as wide a variety as possible
Play preference: All sorts, inflating, riding, cuddling, deflating, thinking of trying popping too one day

I've been hanging around the internet for a few weeks now, but decided to try getting more active, joining more sites, meeting more people and so on. I've only recently (due to living on my own at university) started buying a lot more toys than I used to, including some quite large and unusual items, though I am still a newbie at collecting, and at spending lots of money on myself in general. I also have this silly idea to try making my own toys using tools I got cheaply on the internet. Well, it can only either fail or succeed, better than not knowing and always wondering.

That is, if it's OK with everyone my turning up here unannounced like this?

Jan. 17th, 2012


Newbie here

Hey, I happened by and thought I would join, turns out it's decided to add random unrelated journal entries to the community as well, sorry about that. Well nevermind.
Now where was that introduction template?

Sep. 18th, 2011


Merek Dragon on eBay

Hi all,

I'm selling my Merek dragon on eBay. As i'm located in Australia, this auction is more cost-effective for bidders in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, but everyone is welcome to put in a bid.


Happy bidding :)

Jan. 22nd, 2011

dragon blue


Just another unique inflatable I came across on ebay ;)

I can't tell if it's airblown or not, but it looks interesting.  Not what I'm looking for but maybe someone here will find it useful.


Nov. 17th, 2010



Scared :D

Self portrait of deer and owner. In an abandoned hospital. Let the horror begin! :D


Nov. 7th, 2010

dragon blue


33 feet tall inflatable RED BULL on ebay!

Just thought I'd share something I found on ebay while I was browsing.  For the price it isn't bad at all, but there's still a few days left so who knows what it will get up to.  I'm not going for it, but I thought I'd at least link it here.


Aug. 7th, 2010


Puff N' Play

Now usually, like a lot of my fellow floaters I assume, I'm all about the big toys like the classic Intex Orca and such, but just recently I found out about the intex Puff N' Play bath toys by accident.  I went over to my local pool supply store to check out the floats they had, and sitting on the shelf was the CUTEST tiny little black orca inflatable EVER.  I HAD to have it!  And it was only two bucks as it turned out!  I was so happy when I got it and then when I took it on vacation with me, I lost it....  Sucks.  But it motivated me to go back and find out just what I had bought, and it turned out to be a bath-tub toy line that intex makes, and unfortunately they didn't have any more of the orca model.

Luckily they are online, but the lowest shipping cost I've found is ten dollars, which is far too much.  So basically, I'm looking for these online and in places where I can snag em for cheap, and I figured this'd be the place where I';d get the most help finding them, plus I figured to those who didn't know about the puff n' plays would LOVE to learn about them and get a few for themselves, so here's some pics of the different models :3


Apr. 10th, 2010


New to inflatable chat but not new to inflatables

Hi all,

A member of this group suggested some time ago I should think of becoming a member so here goes.

Name: vylor
Species: Human but not by choice.  If I have a fursona it would definitely be a cat as I tend to react like a cat, hiss one minute and purr the next :)  Plus have had a number of near misses in life so I must have 9 lives (I hope).   And have always had cats in my life and probably always will.
Location: Canada

Toy preference: Inflatable pool floats in particular being a mix of creatures and a number of plane and car floats.

Others: I have been an inflatable lover for 30 some odd years and my fondness for floats has done nothing but grow.  However I never thought I would ever join a group of fellow enthusiasts.  Intex items have to be my favourite, especially older intex if you know what I mean.  I also have a fondness for a particular Sevylor item from 15 years ago.   Gotten to dislike going out as I can't stand being away from my inflatables.  Married for 16 years, wife is totally into plush which is great.  This way we can never leave each other as we could blackmail one another :)

Hope to get to know some of you!

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